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If you need physical therapy, then you want physical therapy from the most educated, experienced, and specialized physical therapists that offer attentive care for your joint, muscle, or orthopedic condition. Premier Physical Therapy is the leading NYC Tri-State (NY-NJ-CT) orthopedic and sports rehabilitation practice. In addition to physical therapy and rehabilitation for general orthopedic conditions, our licensed physical therapists specialize in hand therapy, sports injuries, pediatrics, neurological conditions, work-related injuries, balance and vestibular rehabilitation. Our caring physical therapists are dedicated to helping every person achieve and maximize his or her physical health and pain relief.

Premier Physical Therapy is a participating member of both the NYU Langone Medical Center Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Network and the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Rehabilitation Network.

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    A Great Exercise to Heal Neck Pain & Correct Posture

    How much of your time each day is spent looking down at a computer or desk with poor posture? The information age has created an epidemic of forward head posture and hunchbacks. We sit or stand hunched over electronic devises day after day, causing spinal damage and other common musculoskeletal complaints such as:

    • Pinched nerves
    • Cervical herniated disc
    • Stenosis
    • Myofascial pain
    • Thoracic outlet syndrome
    • Carpel tunnel
    • Radial tunnel
    • Shoulder pain

    Maintaining these (painful) postures for extended periods of time causes your neck to become stiff and tight. It’s vitally important to learn specific therapeutic exercises you can do to “undo what the day has done to you.” Since we spend most of our day looking down, reversing your posture and looking up can be like therapy. The best part is exercises that correct posture are easy and don’t require you to got to a gym or don shorts. They can easily be performed at your desk. Your coworkers won’t even know what you are doing!

    Watch the video below to learn how to reverse bad neck posture.

    Poor posture is not only a cause of musculoskeletal pain but also contributes to:

    • Poor digestion- with poor thoracic posture our internal organs become cramped preventing digestive motility.
    • Low energy- poor posture causes shallow breathing thus taking in less vital oxygen.
    • Poor mood- poor posture reflects your outlook on life! If rounded over you are more likely to be depressed.
    • Poor circulation- rounded postures cause joints to narrow constricting blood vessels.

    When sitting, try to sit up tall, as tall as possible. Your chin should be tucked and back and your shoulders should not be rounded forward.  Try standing and moving once every hour for at least 5 minutes. Stand and do some gentle stretching at you desk.

    To learn more about how to alleviate neck and back pain as well as improve you posture visit us at www.premierptny.com.

    To perfecting your posture!

    Joe Tatta, DPT


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    Joe TattaA Great Exercise to Heal Neck Pain & Correct Posture
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    Seeds of Change- The New Generation of Doctors of Physical Therapy

    Healthcare is a rapidly changing field. Our current system of sick care is transforming into one where prevention is embraced and natural, conservative treatment is valued over invasive or pharmacologic interventions. Physical Therapists are positioned to rapidly adapt to this change and help society maintain and revitalize their health. At Premier Physical Therapy & Wellness we embrace the larger vision and mission set forth by the American Physical Therapy Associations Vision statement for 2030. “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

    Premier Physical Therapy & Wellness has a 15-year history of helping patients recover from injury, fight disease and return to a healthy life. As part of our practice mission we are preparing a new generation of doctoral candidates pursing physical therapy as a career. Physical therapists are needed in all area’s of health care and quickly becoming the practitioner of choice for wellness and prevention.

    Doctoral candidates apply for intern positions each year and are carefully selected based on academics, experience and interview. Many interns choose Premier to complete their internship and continue their employment. Watch the video below to learn more about internships at Premier Physical Therapy.

    A partial list of physical therapy programs with doctoral intern include:

    • Columbia University
    • New York University
    • Hunter College
    • New York Medical College
    • Touro College
    • Misericorida
    • SUNY Health Science Center
    • Sacred Heart
    • UConn
    • Hartford
    • Quinnipiac
    • Stony Brook
    • Long Island University
    • Northeastern
    • UMass
    • Boston College
    • Rutgers
    • Temple
    • Arcadia

    If your school is not mentioned contact us directly or your program CCCE.

    Click here to apply for an internship or employment position at Premier Physical Therapy.

    Joe Tatta, DPT




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    Joe TattaSeeds of Change- The New Generation of Doctors of Physical Therapy
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    How a Physical Therapist Can Prevent Injury [FMS]

    The beginning of spring is three days away.  With the weather improving our clients will return to outdoor activities, increased exercise and sports. If you have been inactive most of the winter jumping right into an exercise program can be a one way ticket to an injury. An injury in spring could sideline you for the entire summer.

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    Joe TattaHow a Physical Therapist Can Prevent Injury [FMS]

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